Welcome to the OFFICIAL Hardballers website. The exciting trans-media property was created and written by Craig Knight for Knight Squared Entertainment.

"The inspiration for The Hardballers came in early 2000 when I interviewed Sonny Barger (ex President of the Oakland Chapter of the Hell's Angels) for Razor magazine. I was invited to the clubhouse for a party later that evening and the whole scene has always been turning around in my mind ever since."

You can actually read that interview by clicking here.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. The more things change, the more they stay the same. As trends go, the cultural influences of the 1970's are again upon us. In varied segments of the marketplace; music, fashion, automobiles and politics; a dominant 1970's influence is slowly working its way into our lives. But to say The Hardballers is a 70's throwback would be very wrong.

The Hardballers is a supercharged, stylized action-thriller, riding on a hurricane of chrome and steel.

A road paved with testosterone greets DAKOTA, JAG, SIENNA and GABRIELLE as they enter into a world of brotherhoods, brutes and corruption. They go toe-to-toe with men, playing cat and mouse - and through it all - develop a bond that no man could ever understand.

Their process is one that firstly must overcome initial physical weakness in the face of their opponents. Then it becomes one of communication, compromise, adaptation and more importantly, instinct. In its basest form, it is the battle of the sexes set in a world of motorcycles and police corruption.

The Hardballers has been created as a true 'transmedia' property with content spanning comic books, feature films, webisodes, social networking, blogs, HBTV (Hardballers Television), gaming and more!